Dry Cleaning

What is the difference? This is what separates the real “Full Service Cleaners” from the imitators and discount cleaners.

Stains such as ink, lipstick, salsa, mustard, blood, chocolate, salad dressing and so on, all require pre-treating on the spotting board prior to dry cleaning.



Does weekly washing get you down? Is it one chore you’d do anything to avoid?

Then simply drop off your laundry at Capital Cleaners and we’ll wash, dry, iron and fold it beautifully.


Household Items

Capital Cleaners will clean all of your household items – bedspreads, comforters, blankets, curtains and drapes — with the utmost care.

We have the experience needed to give these items the attention they require and deserve.


Alterations & Re-weaving

Whether your brand new pants need to be shortened,the zipper on your favorite dress is broken or your workout program is going so well that you need to take in the waist on a couple pairs of slacks.

Capital Cleaners can help! For special items such as long dress shorten or jacket take-in, if possible it’s better to stop by our store to get correct measurement.


Wedding Gowns Clean & Preservation

We will preserve not only your gown but also your memory of the wonderful moment. We specialize in cleaning all types and sizes of wedding gowns. Each gown is unique and may require one of many cleaning methods. You can choose between boxed and hanging wedding dress. We will first cleaned and pressed, and then folded into a wedding storage box.


Leather, Suede, Rug

We clean all types of leather. suede, and fur.
Your garment will be treated for stains, cleaned, pressed, refinished, and returned to you.



Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair specializes in shoe and boot repair and carries a complete line of shoe care and comfort products to help you keep your footwear looking and feeling good. We maintain standards of the highest quality in craftsmanship, materials and merchandise. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.